What is Primetime for … Big Data?

Primetime for... BIG DATA is a platform for all those who are interested in how to navigate the flow of data and exploit its potential across the company. Past years have clearly shown that data elaboration is nowadays an essential part of the functioning companies, but its potential is often far from being properly exploited.

What will the year 2021 be about?

  • What will the "new data age" look like?
  • How to get out of the data swamp through Data Governance and finally have your data in order?
  • Does Real-time data processing really bring more business? Where is its additional added value?
  • Is cloud the way to the sky?

…. We will be looking for answers to these and other questions at the 7th year of this annual conference.

Who is it for?

Primetime for ... BIG DATA is targeted on all those who are interested in the use of data and artificial intelligence for effective and contextual management, strategic and operational decision-making. It is intended for all professionals who work with data: marketing, business and financial directors and managers, across industries. Because data knowledge is only the first step towards gaining added value, to better understanding the phenomena and situations and thus to managing them better.

Participants of past years