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Program of Big Data 2020

Moderator: Daniel Stach, Czech Television

  • 09:00 – 10:00
    A: BIGPICTURE: Big Data 2020+

    KEYNOTE: Big Data: Revolution, that has already been changing how we live, work and think

    The co-author of the only book on the topic of big data, translated into Czech, will inform us that therewe are facing a real revolution that has already been changing how we live, work and think. He will build on his latest book "Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data", which predicts how data will redefine the market economy. He will advise which strategy to choose to ensure a better future with data.

  • 10:00 – 11:15
    B: BIGSUCCESS: Big Data and us – trends in implementation of big data in our market

    We know how to sell beer to millions. But how to work with big data is what we have to learn

    Michal Dúbravský, Digital Project Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj

    Presentation on what we have to deal with in Plzeňský Prazdroj, what obstacles we have to overcome when finally, it’s raining for two days.

    The way to Hadoop in Raiffeisenbank

    Lukáš Mazánek, Head of Data & Information Competence Center, Raiffeisenbank

    Marek Sušický, Head of Big Data, Profinit

    What challenges will cross your way in installing Hadoop in a big bank? At the beginning there was only an assignment, a little experince at a customer’s side and our great determination to finish a project successfully.

    Way to a data driven company

    Jaroslav Rys, IT-Business Analytik Automatizace, Škoda Auto

    Practice of data and data analytics daily use in a manufacturing company. To work with data meaningfully means to change your mindset and start to search the best technology next. Data driven company changes the role of its IT.

    Data in public interest

    Nela Krawiecová, Editor, Český rozhlas

    Is data processing in the Czech media environment still attractive? What challenges do Czech Radio data journalists have to deal with? And why are they among a few ones who still use data visualisation?

  • 11:15 – 12:00

  • 12:00 – 13:45
    C: BIGPUZZLE: Tools and solutions for successful data integration and usage

    University-business collaboration powered by data and AI

    Pavel Kordík, Co-founder, UNICO.AI

    Big data considered to be one of the key aspects of the knowledge economy. Yet, they are not often used in the innovation process and in the collaboration between business and academical sphere in particular. We will introduce tools how to capitalize on big data in the innovation ecosystems and showcase examples how we do so in cooperation with Intel.

    Disrupting Lead Generation by combining Online Information & AI

    Raphael Peschi, Data Scientist Group Analytics, Bisnode

    It is not easy to get a real-time, holistic view of your customers, neither detecting the next best client out there. In fact, identifying relevant leads is the most crucial challenge for many companies. Leveraging large-scale images and textual information through AI has proven to solve those challenges. By applying the most advanced analytics capabilities and proprietary AI techniques, we can not only process billions of data points worldwide to get a 360-degree view on your (future) customers, but also offer game-changing lead generation performances for numerous industries.

    How AI helps to save lives

    Jan Pešava, Technology Leader Market, Hartmann-Rico

    Hospital-related infections, the so-called nosocomial infections, infect 4.1 million patients annually across the European Union and they cause 37 000 deaths per year. It is 1.5 times more than the loss of life caused by traffic accidents in the EU. In the Czech Republic alone, the estimated rate of nosocomial infections is between 6-7 % of all hospitalizations and the whole system costs about CZK 8-10 billion more. EPIDIS system provides automated data processing from hospital information systems using AI. It enables detection of nosocomial infections quickly, clearly and especially three times more efficient than it used to be in manual data processing.

    Production of Data Science: Holistically vs. Simply

    Karel Macek, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Applications CoE, DHL IT Services

    DHL is the largest logistics company operating in 220 countries and territories. We track all physical transactions digitally, which represents a large amount of data that we can use with Data Science for significant savings and business opportunities. Putting Data Science into operation has a number of specifics, including the requirements for creative work of model makers on the one hand, and very stable support on the other. The first approach we have chosen is Data Lake, which allows data storage, pre-processing. With the addition of analytical and orchestral instruments, it is a versatile solution, we can say a full-board solution. The second approach focuses only on the creation of an API that makes the features of the machine learning model available no matter where it originated. This allows considerable lightness and variability. In this presentation you will learn, among other things, how these approaches are complementary.

    Corporate communication on steroids with help of personalised dashboards

    Bob Hroch, Consultant, Business Development

    We will show you how to use your data for effective communication and business management, through advanced personalized reports, graphs and visualizations in one place. We will share experiences, obstacles and practical examples of opportunities for international corporations and start-ups.

  • 13:45
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