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    Business 4.0 the use of data and artifical intelligence can help us manage business processes...

    How to turn data into success in business

    Vladimír Dědek, Web and Mobile Development Director,

    How to use data and information to reach real-life knowledge for decision-making, and how to communicate complex analyses so that managers understand the information, internalize it, and know how to manage the business and its processes.

    Interconnection of Big Data and IoT for optimization and business development

    Jakub Augustín, Big Data Competency Lead, Adastra

    Come with us to a logistics center or a huge warehouse with thousands of shelves, tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of kinds of goods and tens of forklift. How to ensure its optimal functioning? How to make its operation even more efficient? We will install sensors in the logistics center to obtain a wealth of useful information. We will monitor the movement of forklifts and other objects, check the status of stocks and the receipt or shipment of goods, and monitor the security of selected zones. In the live demo, we will show and explain on-site what sensor data we collect, how we can use it, and how information can be delivered to users using dashboards or applications. We will also introduce to you our IoT data processing platform. Finally, we will discuss how a particular forklift example can be used in fields other than logistics.

    HR Analytics - how to be more data-driven in talent selection and development

    Luděk Stehlík, Senior Consultant and Expert on HR Analytics, Deloitte

    Are you trying to be more data-driven in HR? Do you base your decisions on data rather than impressions and assumptions? During our lecture, we will show you how to use data specifically to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes associated, for example, with the acquisition and selection of new talents, with their motivation or with the desire to keep these talents in the company.

    Corporate data strategy and how the Customer Data Platform fits into it

    Michael Štencl, Head of Business Intelligence,

    Vojtěch Kurka, CTO & Co-Founder, Meiro

    In this case study, Michael and Vojtěch will introduce the Customer Data Platform as an integral part of a modern data-driven business. They will talk not only about how important it is to control and actually own customer data at the time of GDPR; they will also analyze and describe in detail how best to use data not only in marketing, but across the whole company. Speakers will guide you through the rationale of the project, planning and implementing the system from both sides - both data technology and business organization.

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    Discussions during coffee/tea and refreshments

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    Sales and Marketing 4.0

    ... how to find and better understand customers and offer them what they really want...

    Increase the success of acquisition campaigns by 100% thanks to analytics of external big data

    Zdeněk Demeter, Big Data & Analytics Business Manager, Bisnode

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the continuous growth of trade regardless of the business sector. Acquisition of new B2B customers is becoming more costly, the willingness of merchants to make cold calls is decreasing, and the effectiveness of getting positive leads through classic call centers or online campaigns usually does not meet our expectations. The trend of the recent years in Western Europe as well as in the Czech Republic is the involvement of data specialists in the search for new business opportunities. By combining internal and external data from publicly available sources, these data specialists are able to identify companies that are most likely to be interested in a product or service. Zdeněk will present selected analytical projects from the financial and automotive industry, which helped to increase the success of acquisition call campaigns by more than 100%.

    Pseudosocial networks in finance

    Petr Paščenko, Head of Data Science, Profinit EU

    Using big data technologies, we can replicate the structure of social networks from transaction events. This talk presents the method and results of applied research of Profinit and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, including a real application for one of the TOP 5 banks in the Czech Republic.

    The big truth about our diets and big data on the menu

    Tomáš Pětivoký, CEO, Dine4Fit

    Zdeněk Skála, Client Service Director Retail & FMCG, GfK

    On the web and in the application, hundreds of thousands of Czech users monitor their intakes of energy, nutrients and caloric expenditure. Every month, another 10 million records of food consumed, ranging from "tap water" to branded packaged foods, pop up. Information about purchases, sales, media and online behavior is already, as a standard, available on the market. But it is said that love passes through the stomach - and here we have, uniquely and for the first time, robust data on consumers and their eating habits. What will this data tell us about categories and brands? And what image will show us the target group of people who have decided to address the improvement of their diets and thus behave in a modern way?

    The path from acquisition strategy to utilizing the potential of existing customers

    Martin Kavřík, CRM analyst, Notino

    Luboš Bednář, Partner & BI Consultant, Intelligent Technologies

    We are going to discuss the importance of the ability to understand customers, especially in markets where there are not many new customers and further growth is possible mainly by using the data of current customers. We will show you approaches to customer portfolio segmentation and customer exit prediction.

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    Business lunch and networking

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    Forecasting 4.0

    ... data and artificial intelligence as stratetic tools for companies in the area of forecasting and planning.

    How to plan online advertising based on big data

    Adam Nykles, Digital Data Officer, KINDRED

    In the Czech Republic you can advertise on 40,000 advertising spaces. But which of them are the right ones for your campaign? At the Publicis Group, when planning online communications, we link raw data from billions of transactions, panel qualitative research and internal tools to form a unique Placement Quality Index to assess the potential of a specific advertising space for a particular client and campaign. This allows you to optimize your campaign not only for performance KPIs, but especially for the real impact of the campaign on the brand.

    Demand forecasting and supply optimization through artificial intelligence - a case study of a large drugstore chain from Poland

    Michal Kurcewicz, Principal Industry Consultant, SAS Institute Poland

    We present a large-scale forecasting and inventory optimization system that uses AI techniques to generate demand forecast and optimize replenishment orders. The use of machine learning techniques allows retailers to fully utilize the data available in a modern organization. These data include not only detailed sales and promotion information but also data from the company’s loyalty program, product database, e-commerce system, information on local events as well as data supplied by expert business users and external sources. We discuss a comprehensive forecasting and order optimization pipeline. It includes data cleansing, creation of features and time-series segmentation based on the characteristics like seasonality or intermittency. Next, we discuss the recommended forecasting approach for each segment. Finally we present the order optimization process. The discussed system has been implemented at a major Polish retailer.

    When it comes to data, be always hungry!

    Milan Marťák, CEO, CEOS Data

    The vast amount of data generated by each modern company conceals remarkable patterns and contexts. Using a few data-analytical examples, we will explain what potential they are hiding and how to ensure that today's data will serve well over the years. Prepare your data for a business you cannot even imagine today.

    Smart pricing

    Radim Dudek, Head of R&D, Yieldigo

    Data insight is extremely important for decision-making on store prices. We will look at how to understand customer behavior based on sales data, predict future scenarios, and automate the process into an efficient system.

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    The end of the conference and afterparty

    Do not be in a hurry! We will be glad if you stay a little longer to exchange opinions with others over a glass of wine.