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    Data and conversational AI

    Jan Šedivý, vedoucí NLP skupiny, ČVUT CIIRT

    Dialogue with human-like artificial intelligence is still elusive. Why? That's simple. We're not there yet. The difference between Alexa "Alexa - play Spotify" and the dialogue we know from the 2001 movies: Space Odyssey or Star Wars is still huge. But voice and speech remain the most natural prerequisites for communicating with computers. The post will describe not only the difference between Alexa and the conversational robot Alquist, which won Amazon's Alexa Prize, but also the latest insights, the advances and crucial role of big data in our research and applications.

    Safe AI behaviour – or how artificial intelligence can get out of our way

    Jan Romportl, Director of AI Centre, O2

    Any machine learning system is essentially an optimization algorithm looking for the minimum of the specified evaluation function. If undesirable discrepancies (between how the system should behave according to its designer and how it actually behaves based on optimizing the function) start to appear, this can turn into a very problematic scenario with a broad impact on AI security.

    TV Nova: data-driven media house of new data times

    Jakub Rajský, BI Manager, TV Nova

    Radovan Jirka, Data Detective, BizzTreat

    The media group CME Media Enterprises B.V. includes the most viewed television in the Czech Republic - TV Nova. With the arrival of the new owner, there came a fundamental change in the business model of the whole group. What is the safe and efficient way to manage the transition from selling advertising space to selling paid premium content? Only through working with data. However, a key success factor is, among other things, the successful adoption of data analytics by business users into the daily routine.

    Medicaments price analysis from Canada to Emirates – automated

    Michael Štencl, Head of Product, (, Cogvio

    What is it like to collect data on medicaments from more than 60 countries and transform them into information – fully automated? To create data tools for monitoring, analyzing and predicting drug prices from Canada to the Emirates? To prepare data from the entire life cycle of drugs even for the largest (8 of the TOP 10 largest global players cooperate with us) pharmaceutical companies? But also to participate in a number of other projects, such as, which brings patients with cancer up-to-date information about innovative medicaments and their availability. All this in a unified data platform with more than 200+ different data sources, mostly public but also commercial, which is also able to enrich clients' internal data. And distribute it all as an information, not data. In automated way, just-in-time.

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    Data Traffic Control

    Marcel Vrobel, expert na Big Data, Adastra

    Are you figuring out how to effectively get data to all the places a big organization needs it? To various applications, systems, databases, in the necessary formats, to both on-premise and the cloud. And how to get them there safely, in consistent structures, at the desired moment and how to get full control over their progress? We will show you how to control data traffic reliably.

    Data: Waiting for Governance

    Petr Hájek, Senior Advisor Information Management, PROFINIT

    Jak pomocí integrovaných metadat vybudovat digitální „Google mapu“ celé firmy? A může se taková mapa stát klíčovým a univerzálním nástrojem pro Data Governance? Seznámíme vás s prototypem takového řešení a některými případy jeho užití. Možná neuděláme v datech pořádek, ale budete o nich mít přehled... How to use integrated metadata to build a digital "Google map" of the whole company? And can such a map become a key and universal tool for Data Governance? We will introduce you to the prototype of such solution and some cases of its use. We may not be able to tidy up the data , but you'll keep track of it...

    How to make an agile data transformation in the largest retail bank in the Czech Republic

    Martin Gerneš, Data Tribe Leader, Česká spořitelna

    The world is changing, and we're changing with it. Česká spořitelna has undergone a major cultural change in recent years - from a traditionally hierarchical corporation it turned to an organization operating according to the principles and rules of agile management. How does this transformation affect the data craft? What challenges had the data people face to and how did we cope with them? In the post you will learn all this, and even something extra.

    Big Data as an oil of sustainability

    Cyril Klepek, CEO, Cyrkl

    Out of the 100 billion tons of material we extract annually in the world, one-third ends up as a waste. The vast majority is high-value post-industrial waste, and we dumped it instead of looking for a circular solution. In the example of Cyrkl, we will show how big data and disruption innovation can change the waste world, and what companies and planet Earth get out of it.

    Data Data is an asset. What is their value?

    Adam Votava, Interim Chief Data and Analytics Officer, DataDiligence

    Data can have a huge added value for companies. How to measure this value? What is the value of data projects and how do investments in them work? What about the impact of the overall data strategy on the profitability and value of the company? What is the theory and what does it look like in practice?

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    Business Lunch and Networking

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    Are we living in a new era of data? Has a company that does not have data-based daily decisions a chance to survive in the future? How to balance emotional and factual decision-making? Managers must not give up the courage to use also intuition in the future. But it is crucial for their credibility that they make decisions based on data in areas where they have or can have them. Not only we have to have data, but we also need to be able to sort it well, store it safely and translate it into speech of the rest of the company.

    Jakub Augustín, Big Data Competency Lead, Adastra

    Martin GernešData Tribe Leader, Česká spořitelna

    Tomáš Křešťák, Director of Fixed and ICT Products and Innovations, O2

    Vladimír Rytíř, Key Account Manager, Profinit

    Michael Štencl, Head of Product, (, Cogvio

    Adam VotavaInterim Chief Data and Analytics Officer, DataDiligence

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